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MARCH 4, 2024

It is my honor to announce that my latest album, "Sacred Places", is the Echoes CD Of The Month!

"Texas ambient artist Hollan Holmes unleashes a masterpiece of sequencer melody inspired by the stark landscapes of Texas. “Sacred Places is Echoes CD of the Month for March."

Thank you, John Diliberto!


Some new merch is available from the Merch link above. More items coming soon.

I'm currently doing some CG work for I'm modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering every single module in their catalog, as well as their studio cabinets and MIDI controllers. If you're looking at their modules on their site, any module viewed from a slight angle is my render. I bought one of their systems back in 2014 and only in the last year or so have I really been digging into true exploration of what is possible. This is true analog modular synthesis and nothing compares. It is a very unique (and challenging) way to create music and you will be hearing these explorations in future recordings, videos and performances. The guys can hook you up with an amazing system and their customer service is stellar. They invited me to tour their shop and it's an amazing operation. Every module goes through a thorough, rigorous testing phase that, in some cases, takes hours to perform. If you want to go 5U - human scale - this is a great place to start.

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